How do you think you will survive minus your friends and family, such that you contact no one from your species? Not having social connections is sure to affect your heart deeply and he will realize something is wrong.

Here is a story of a young cub, who grew inside a cage alone after he was moved from his habitat. He knew only the human captors who took care of him, fed him, and were kind, but he did not know any other animal.

A rescuer’s team came to know about the bear cub’s plight and they reached the Albanian village that the 2-year old was in captivity. It was horrifying to see the conditions that the animal was kept.

The bear was chained and the animal was locked in a windowless dark shed. The bear did not have any moving space and the animal lived on very little food and water.

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It was disgusting to know about the poor creature as the story was online. His name was Riku and he was referred to as ‘Europe’s saddest bear.’

Rescuers in 2017 bought Riku for medical treatment to a Bulgarian park. This gave an open opportunity for Riku to meet her species members. Nevertheless, there was no idea to predict how Riku would react as he had spent all his life being alone in a dark shelter.

Riku for weeks was touching the nose of a Gabriela, a 22-year old bear through the mesh fence. There was a silent bonding that they shared. Gabriela was rescued from a Bulgarian circus, that was prominent for its ill-treatment with animals.

Rescuers decided to eliminate the wire barrier once they were certain that the two bears get along nicely. The cameras were active and this is their video that has their adorable meeting and greeting sessions.


  1. Thank you for saving these bears. I don’t know how people can treat animals like this it is truly heartbreaking.

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