Disabled animals rarely get a second chance in life. They need extra care and protection and because of this only a few people like to take them in. This video below also features a story of a tiny kitten who survived the worst nightmare in the first years of life and was finally rescued by some kind people. But even after the rescue, there were still lots of hurdles he needed to overcome.

Cassidy is a tiny kitten in the video below who lost his both back legs when he was born. He was abandoned in the woods and survived nine weeks alone despite his terrible condition. When he was finally rescued, he was in the worst possible state; he was infected and was starving. With the help of Mountain View Veterinary Hospital and Andrew from HandicappedPetsCanada.com, Cassidy’s new owner was able to give him the second chance in life.

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Watch Cassidy taking his first step with his tiniest wheelchair. This is so tear-jerking. What do you think about this video? Do share your thoughts with us in the comments!

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