What do you think would happen if two former fighting dogs would meet?

Despite their former lives of being forced to fight other dogs and being mistreated by humans, Vito and Maggy are two lovable pit bulls.

And it shows here when they meet for the first time. The fighting dogs, Vito and Maggie, were once used for dogfighting. Thankfully, the two got rescued.

William Bellottie, the president and co-founder of Detroit Bully Corps, had this to say about Vito and Maggie:

“They both truly had the heart of a champion. They both decided to shed the mental scars of an old life and move forward in a world that had given them every reason to throw in the towel. Some of you have followed the history of both canines, some of you are meeting these two for the first time. Both of these canines have shown a true will to thrive and enhance the lives of all they touch.”

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Amen to that.

Watch the video below and see what happened when Vito and Maggie met for the very first time!

Awwwww…they instantly clicked! And they look so happy playing together! 

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