Everyone was caught off guard when two pit bulls wandered into the hospital.

Two pit bulls into a hospital came wandering and people were taken by surprise. It is not some joke. The pit bulls walked in to greet everyone hello.

Needless to say, everyone was caught in confusion, off guard.

St. Luke’s Anderson Campus hospital receives visitors regularly, by pit bulls pair paying a friendly visit was shocking. The CCTV footage showed the dogs strolling the lobby and entered the pharmacy. The pharmacist was spell-shocked to understand why the pit bulls were here right now.

The hospital posted the video surveillance of the pit bulls and explained, “St. Luke’s Anderson Campus is the most patient accessible and friendly hospitals in the region.

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The dogs were safely transported out of the hospital premises. However, the dogs enjoyed St. Luke’s Anderson campus employees welcome and the ease of accessibility.

The security gave some water before leashing them. They ensured proper care was given and as the police arrived the two dogs were handed over to their owners.

Kathy Tamasi, the dog’s mom thanked the hospital staff with a Thank You note for taking care of her 2 escapes. She also said it was nice her dogs were intelligent to hang out in the hospital.

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