Dogs are gifted with this strong ability to sniff out carbon monoxide or to alert their owners when there is smoke, gas or fire. This life-saving skill is common most with dogs, but have you ever heard of a horse saving the life of another horse in the brink of death? I haven’t.

Beatrice, a 16-year-old British Shire horse was found collapsed and face down in her stable in Langridge, near Bath, after suffering equine colic and severe abdominal pain. Because she was so heavy, the longer she remained on the floor, the greater her risk of fatal organ failure.

Her owners Donald MacIntyre and wife Jane Lipington and four farmworkers had repeatedly tried to stand the one-tonne horse using a strap tied to a tractor, but it was too heavy.

Because the horse’s heart rate and blood pressure were rising to life-risking levels, the couple gave the sick horse a deadline of when she would have to be put down.

With 20 minutes to go, Ms Lipington remembered Beatrice’s best friend, Beau, needed to be let out into the yard and opened his stable door for him.

Owner Mr MacIntyre said: ‘He spent the whole day in the stall next door, watching Beatrice. He was just quietly watching, he didn’t eat anything. Just watched.

‘The vet said it was not looking good. People were standing around crying and we were thinking of bringing it forward (putting her down). Then we let Beau in to see her and it took him ten minutes to get her on her feet.’

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11-year-old Beau and Beatrice have been best mates for four years. It’s not difficult to imagine Beau not understanding what was happening with his good friend.

Instead of heading out to the yard for his usual walk, Beau directly went to his best friend’s side.

He then lowered his head and neck over the partition wall and started repeatedly biting Beatrice’s neck and lifting its head up to get her to move.

As his stunned owners watched on in awe, Beatrice began to stand up. It took Beau mere minutes to accomplish what six exhausted humans couldn’t in six hours.

Ms Lipington, 60, said: “It is absolutely astonishing.

“We were prepared to lose her and had arranged for her to be put down but Beau knew what to do.”

Thanks to her best buddy, Beatrice made a full recovery. She has an entire life ahead of her with Beau at her side. Love knows no boundaries. Sometimes it takes another animal to show love instead of human intervention.

Watch the heartwarming moment Beau refused to give up on his best pal and how she finally could stand up in the video below:

I am so touched by how animals tune into each other’s emotions and are ready to help each other in times of need. If anyone is still sceptical that animals have feelings just like humans, all you need to do is show them this clip!

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