Pets are adorable. Most people love pets. Pets keep us humans, busy and happy. Pets can bring out all the love in a person. However, anyone keen on having a pet can have a bird as a pet. It does not need much maintenance. I will say cockatoo is a nice choice to have it as a pet.  There is a video below giving evidence of why cockatoo suits as the best pet.

Cockatoos are nice creatures. They follow a style of life and are amazing. A cockatoo often wants to say something, and this is apparent in this video.  Notice this picture below

This is Max, the Cockatoo. It is a bird that is most celebrated on YouTube. Then, the house cat is his friend. Now, Angel is showing a rough side towards Max. Angel, the cat is trying to put Max into all sorts of trouble. Now, Max decides to have a one-on-one conversation with its owner, proving he is straight-forward. Max wanted to speak about Angle and the fun begins.