Mom knew exactly what to expect from this interaction, so she had her phone ready to capture this first meeting on camera.

Despite their differences in size, they got along well..

Great Danes are the largest among all of the dog breeds and are known for their enormous size. But despite the breed’s enormous physical size and strength, Great Danes are renowned among dog owners for being a gentle giant and friendly to every family member or animal.

You may have heard of stories that dogs and cats do not get along, but not for Bagheera. Bagheera’s owner, Lindsey Heinz, knows that he is very gentle and would not harm anyone. As a result, she had no qualms in introducing a litter of kittens to Bagheera. She even decided to film their interaction down using her smartphone.

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While most animals do not take kindly to other animals invading their personal space, Bagheera did not mind at all. Bagheera simply continued to lie down even when the kittens came very close to him and touched him using their paws. Bagheera knew that the kittens were only curious and even humored them by responding in kind.

From the video, Bagheera lifted his giant paw at one point and tried to “pet” one of the kittens when Lindsey told him that it’s going to be a part of their family. He soon noticed that the kitten was uncomfortable with the weight of his paw, so he lifted it back up to allow it to scurry off! How adorable! This is just the start of a beautiful friendship, despite the differences in their sizes.

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