This is a story of a lifesaver, a wildlife officer from the Center for Biodiversity wanted to set free a little kitten. He referred to the little animal as Mr. Murderbritches. It growled, hissed and swatted to the helpful people who are trying to make him free. As they open up the carrier, he thought that he needs to scare them before getting back its own life in the wild. It was found in Kanarraville, Utah and was prowling very close to a person’s pet kitchen in last November.

People called up the wildlife officials to move the little one to a very less populated place. They also captured it without any hassle but it was very angry small kitty in their hand. As they watched the clip of the little cat, the officials made a unique version of it with right subtitles where the cat snarling in an aggressive and sassy manner.

This was a bobcat, a timid creature that likes to avoid the humans and this was the reason that Mr. Murderbritches was that much angry to the officials. This is the usual response of them when they are surrounded by humans and the little Mr Murderbritches had no difference.

This little kitten is now enjoying its life in the wild but it will be remembered as a scrappiest cat to the internet lovers.

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Watch the ‘badass’ bobkitten in the video below:

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