We all have different talents that we are best in. In the clip below, we are glad to meet Laura Sumrall, a female of 23 years. She earned popularity in a very short time when she participated in the 2015 Kentucky Reining Cup, which has to do with ranch horses and their riders. Disney’s Frozen was the sponsor of the competition that had “Let It Go,” set as the tune. Laura managed to become the winner of the World Freestyle Reigning champion.

The spectators were very much astonished by the wonderful performance of Laura and her horse named Wimpys Top Model, specifically when she took off her shadowy purple robe to expose the elegant, shining gown that was beneath. She portrays how she is a very caring horse handler who knows how to treat horses, a reason behind the magical performance.

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Going back to her background, Laura is a student at Texas A&M University, where she is the head captain of the women’s equestrian team. It was her mother who engineered the idea of Frozen, what has become very popular all over the globe; particularly to the mothers and their children. One viewer left a comment saying that the clip was being watched by her kids at least three times a day since they found it. She went on to say that her kids no longer watch the cartoon.

Speaking, Laura said that she has become a motivator for many little girls to start riding their ponies, a thing that she loves.

Watch her performance in the video below :

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