A woman filming a young black bear in her backyard caught more on camera than she was expecting. The bear was eating grass and exploring her yard when he spotted a skunk.

In the video, the bear runs over to the skunk and stops right in front of it. He seems curious but also seems to be wondering why the small creature didn’t run away. Little does he know the skunk is in “defense mode”.

If you watch the video, you’ll see the skunk has its tail raised high. Then it stomps its front legs – they do this right before they spray. The bear doesn’t know what’s coming and at minute 0:54 you can see the skunk launch its spray attack on the unsuspecting bear!

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Watch their encounter in the video below:

As to be expected both animals “high-tail” it out of there, running in opposite directions.

Needless to say, the poor bear likely has instant regret for having chased the skunk and will think twice should he see a black and white striped animal again!

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